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Daily updates on permits recorded.

Just a few of the many well permits recorded in recent days...

May 19th - Marco filed for the Markitell Well in Allegheny County

June 6th - Abarta filed for the Nye Well in Beaver County

July 8th - Chesapeake filed for the Ward Well in Bradford County

July 1st - RE Gas filed for the Bloom Well in Butler County

June 4th - Kastle filed for the Greene Well in Crawford County

June 16th - The Production Co filed for the Puritan Coke Well in Fayette County

June 24th - EQT filed for the Moninger in Greene County

 June 26th -  Hilcorp filed for the Artman Well in Lawrence County

July 2nd - Range renewed the Laurel Hill Well in Lycoming County

May 12th - Trimont filed for the Bindas Well in Mercer County

July 3rd - Chesapeake renewed the Quail Well in Sullivan County

July 8th - Chesapeake filed for Marbaker Well in Susquehanna County

 July 2nd - Southwestern filed for the Mase Monte Well in Tioga County

June 18th - Dannic filed for the VCIDC Well in Venango County

July 9th - Range filed for the Stewart Trust Well in Washington County

June 24h - Kriebel filed for the Poole Well in Westmoreland County

June 30th - Chesapeake filed for the Garrison Well in Wyoming County

and the list goes on.

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Well permits are needed before any drilling can take place. Stormwater Permits are needed before any excavating can take place
This would include pad construction, water containment ponds, pipeline and others

The below was taken from the Sullivan County website. It is not a complete or up to date list.
Shown as example to the information we provide.

Forks Twp
Well Permit Reference Landowner Driller Received Approved Lat/long Type Oil/Gas Map
113-20150 916281 Warburton Sul 2H Chesapeake 2/23/12 4/2/12 41.5477, -76.5145 Horizontal Gas click for map
113-20151 916318 Warburton Sul 6H Chesapeake 2/23/12 4/2/12 41.5477, -76.5145 Horizontal Gas click for map
113-20152 919115 Burkhart N Sul 4H Chesapeake 3/13/12 4/25/12 41.5317, -76.5111 Horizontal Gas click for map
113-20159 923973 Landis Sul 4H Chesapeake 4/13/12 5/25/12 41.5457, -76.4929 Horizontal Gas click for map
Stormwater Reference Site Name Company Received
113-0001 909249 Warburton Location Chesapeake 1/5/12
113-0002 909659 Burkhart Location Chesapeake 1/9/12
113-0004 910069 Sulli3 - Battin Pond Freshwater Impoundment Chesapeake 1/11/12
113-0012 914224 Lambert Farms Well Line Appalachia 2/9/12
113-0021 922957 Black Creek Well Line Appalachia 4/11/12
113-0011 930782 Black West Gathering Line Appalachia 6/13/12

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